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leaving on the 29th. trip will probably take 10 days or so. going to rent an art studio in seattle, and see if that city does it for me. i have a good van crew, its all dudes so the van is going to smell like farts and stale beer and my mustache is going to be the only un-ironic one.

ive been in florida pretty much my whole life. i am not going to miss the wanton sun, but i will miss the summer jasmine blooms and the warm evening cicada songs. looking forward to anonymity and unpredictability.



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i have been selling the few things that are worth anything, and giving away the rest.

my down grade of possessions is near complete.

i think there is some rumor going around town that i am committing suicide.

several concerned people have asked my roommate “is she ok?”


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i spilled a large cup of coffee all over the laptop.
hence the silence. finally got it back up and running.

finally, after years of dreaming, my van. My buddy was trying to save his house, so i got a good deal on it. i will be converting it into an rv over the next few months.
i am not sure if its a contractual agreement, but i was drinking beers with a buddy who makes high end furniture that said he will transform it.
i am looking forward to living passionately again.

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