i am only accepting jump ahead commissions due to overwhelming demand.

24×36-$285 1-2 figures

30×40 $350 1-3 figures

30×48 $375  1-3 figures.

i can go larger.

what i need from you!

lots of pictures! if you are in nantucket, i can come photograph you. its quick and painless. If not, please, more photos the better. i don’t do smiling paintings. please give me a description of what you want.

i do offer trades

  • currently in dire need of a night mouth guard. (dentists in nantucket)
  • acupuncture for jaw, or other treatments for tmj
  • mac mini 2014 or later
  • partial trade for wacom tablet
  • carpentry work ( $40 hr credit, nantucket)
  • photoshop lessons (nantucket, but i need a computer first.)
  • daily rides to obt and sandlake, 9am (when i am in florida, month of February)
  • tattoo work (boston area is ok, or somewhere i can get on the bus to)


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