a life update.

someone requested a life update, so here it is.

I left portland in may. its a pretty place, i made some great friends, but i was getting restless and tired of the ultra liberal coddling and complaining. my cigarette can not be bothering you from 600 feet away outside on a windy day. incessant correcting and whining. its all about building condos and its not hurting people’s feelings. So, i have returned to the east, where people are mean and funny.

i came to nantucket to work for the summer. i picked up a waitress gig for the season.
i was hoping to go insane during the winter. its pretty isolated after november, and its a thing there where people lose it. i was hoping to skate on that edge for art improvement sake. besides crushing loneliness, i have remained pretty sane.

i really dig nantucket. it gets so dark at night, sometimes you cant see your hand in front of your face. i pass time metal detecting the beaches like a retired dad because i don’t really have friends yet.

i am living with a Russian body builder who doesn’t know english, so we communicate in pig noises. sometimes i worry that i am setting him up wrong for american culture because the luck of the draw put him with me.

i found a $38 ticket to florida, so i am here now. i am camping in yards, and staying with friends. its nice to be among my people. florida is a big beautiful trash can. ill be returning to Massachusetts maybe in 2 weeks, maybe less. i miss the nantucket bleakness.

ive gotten my first tube of lead paint. i talked to an artist on nantucket about it, and he sold me on it, so maybe ill go insane from the lead and cut off my ears and maybe my art will make another leap into getting better.


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