a long overdue update:

i received a few moments of fame on netflix, my art being in the set design.



i am no longer working a “real job” and subsisting off selling art and reselling trash.

this is better than working for $13 an hour, while still maintaining the same level of poor.

i am prepping for a show in April at the tin shed on alberta.

i currently have some pieces displayed at the velvet rope.

just completed a big commission for the nines.

i am not sure if the hotel have hung them yet, but, you can now see my art simultaneously at one of the nicest places in Portland and the seediest.

i purchased  a ticket to Nantucket, going to go there for awhile to try to make some loot this summer.

i will either work my ass off  to make money for the year, or paint/work the dump/hunt for ambergris for money.





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