quit my job. running away in my van in one months time.

i am working on getting all my shit together now. luckily i don’t have that many possessions to sell off.

the perk of being a failure with no ties is that its pretty easy to get up and go.

after years of gypsy dreams, i finally have the funds to go through with it.

i went to visit new orleans this spring to scout it out.

its one of the few places i can afford to buy a house (also detroit, baltimore) with plywood windows and no plumbing of course.  i was not won over, and i should have based it all on my distaste for chicory coffee. i love the way the city does southern vice, i liked the filth and architecture, but, i did not like the politeness. its too invasive, i need more privacy walking down the street. it was also pretty cheesy and would seem like a lateral move. i guess i expected vampires, mystery and packs of wild dogs, instead of just a fuckload of used up drunks.

planning on going to the PNW, and possibly canada now.

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