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Friend and fellow artist.  Portraiture painter with her own unique style.

“Women are icons in the paintings of Karen Russell. They take over the canvas, large scale oil portraits of female friends manifesting into versions other than themselves, modern and abstract. The symbol, what she stands for, really becomes your own interpretation. What is a woman to you?

Self­-taught, Russell works with oils and paints by sectioning rather than blending. She finds solace in working alone, preferring to use photos she takes of her friends. Forget the live model. For her, it’s all about compartmentalizing and space. The models, her friends, become bigger versions of themselves, taking on the goddess form present in Russell’s mind. Alterations to the hands and form are made, and it is these changes that become the thread that binds her painting together. Women as icons, goddess, form, and subject. All different but sharing similarity.


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24×36 oils, gallery canvas. shipping included in total.




18×24 sold.


sorry its been quiet. some good things are happening though. got picked up by a gallery in washington. also will be printing some screenprints of my work, been learning how to do that in the last 6 months, well, beyond the 1-2 color stuff i had in the past. nobody has tried to commit suicide out of any not- so-high windows lately at my artist community i am living in. though, its filled with hilarious and petty drama, alot of freak outs, alot of broken windows. ive come to the conclusion, that artists are largely fucking terrible and annoying creatures, which makes me question myself.

here is a new painting.

you should add me as a friend on facebook, and get alerted as soon as a painting comes up for sale.

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24×36 gallery canvas $sold.


18×36 on cradled birch wood. sold.


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This weekend, at the artist community I live in,a girl tried to commit suicide from the third floor window. Friend found her with bones sticking out both her legs. Moral of the story: try harder.

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24×48 oil on cradled birch wood. sold.



18×24 oil on cradled birch wood. Sold

new art


18×36 cradled birchwood.ready to hang.




24×48 cradled birch wood.

ready to hang.  $sold.

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28×42 oil on cradled birch wood. sold

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